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Dukes Business Consulting advises you on business planning as well as financing issues and franchising. We coach and assist you in growing your startup and creating a stellar brand.

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About Us

Since 2007, we’ve helped over 289 startups grow their revenues and generate leads and customers. We have a proven record of clients we served over the years and helped them grow from zero into thriving businesses. In order to give wings to an idea, careful planning of the business is an important factor of success, especially in the beginning phase.

To do this, we help to define the business model as needed, develop relevant KPIs and financial plans, create compelling pitch decks and booklets, and we help you put all the puzzles together and create an actionable map, that will guide you to the road of success.

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For Startups

Planning a business startup means more than just switching to a job and becoming an entrepreneur. To build a successful startup, you need not only a dose of courage but also a well prepared business plan.

For Seasoned Startups

Many startups at some point hit a plateau and stop growing regardless of the effort and budget you put into marketing and product development. If you’re currently facing this hurdle and trying to scale your startup, our team can help you break through the stagnation and rise to a new level.

Our Clients

Meet Larrice Dukes

Our agency is led by Larrice Dukes, an internationally recognized expert in business development and growth. She’s also the host of The Consultant talk show where she advises business owners and startups and also interviews other business experts. With decades of experience under her belt, you can rest assured that you’ll get the right business advice.

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If you choose us as your consultant, the initial challenges in your company’s growth can be overcome quickly. We’ll provide you with financial advice and solid roadmap to turn your startup into a profit-making machine.

If you already built a startup but you’re not getting enough traction and barely scraping by, or looking to scale and take your startup to the next level, we can help you create a new marketing strategy and roadmap to get new customers, as well as financial advice to make the most of your budget.

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