Product And Services

Consulting for startups and entrepreneurs

We accompanied our clients from the initial idea through the founding of a company and financing to expansion and internationalization since we specialize in advising startups

and business startups. From the choice of the legal form and the type of financing, to the ongoing adjustment in the growth process, we support you on your way to success. Dukes Business Consulting has been guiding successful national and international growth companies for decades.

Our team offers startups wideranging experience in business planning, branding and consultation in all phases of company development and growth

  • Creation of foundation documents including business plan
  • Clarification of questions about funding
  • Support in cost, investment and profitability accounting
  • Construction of budget invoices and controlling systems
  • Organization and Management Consulting
  • Liquidity and financial planning
  • Advice on financing negotiations and financing rounds
  • Support in the search for investors and participation of new shareholders
  • Accompaniment for upcoming due diligence and exit

For New Startups

Planning a business startup means more than just switching to a job and becoming an entrepreneur. To build a successful startup, you need not only a dose of courage but also a well-prepared business plan.

You probably ask yourself some of these questions:

❖ Do I even need a business plan if I do not need a loan?

❖ How long should a concept be and how much time do I have to plan for it?

❖ What should sales and profitability planning look like for different scenarios over three years (monthly planning) for my startup project?

❖ What is the monthly turnover I have to spend in order to live off it?

❖ Do I have to register with the trade office and how do I do that?

❖ What do I report to the tax office? Is the start more advantageous as a small business owner?

❖ How do I get to know my company / product as quickly as possible with my target group?

❖ How do I prevent failure from the beginning?

Remember that your business model and planning is what makes or breaks any startup.We help you:

  • Create your complete business plan with everything that goes with it like offers, prices, target audience, marketing, USP etc.
  • Calculate a good calculation for a safe start 
  • Draw up the planning bill for applying for subsidies or development loans
  • Find the right customers with the necessary budget
  • Franchising
  • And all general and further questions about your foundation

For Seasoned Startups

Many startups at some point hit a plateau and stop growing regardless of the effort and budget you put into marketing and product development. If you’re currently facing this hurdle and trying to scale your startup, our team can help you break through the stagnation and rise to a new level.